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Kakariki is a New Zealand company that will enable eligible* kiwis to invest in a range of large-scale, hard-to-access permanent crops that have delivered spectacular increases in grower returns.

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Friday 2 August, 2019. 
Today the Board of Kakariki Fund Limited has announced its decision to withdraw the Investment Offer. Despite the high level of interest, share applications were below the minimum level of capital required for the Fund to proceed.
As a result, the MyFarm Investments team is now syndicating some of the individual assets that would have been part of Kakariki. To view these investment offers, click here. 
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About Kakariki

We target annual returns of 10% or more** through investment in long-established, high value crops including kiwifruit and apples, as well as emerging stars Rockit™ apples, sweet cherries, plantation Manuka, avocados and aroma hops.

Kakariki assets are professionally managed and sustainable agricultural practices are at the heart of everything we do. Our investment ethos embraces the traditional concept of Kaitiakitanga, a belief that guardianship and respect for our land and our people are vital to the future of our country. We aim to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2024.




**On maturity of property developments.

*This offer is only open to investors who fall within the exclusions applicable to offers made to “wholesale investors” as set out in Schedule 1, clauses 3 (2)(a)-(c) and 3 (3)(a)-(b)(ii) of the Financial Markets Conducts Act 2013 (FMCA). You can obtain further information on FMCA requirements, and whether you come within the exclusions and their requirements at

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