Kakariki Fund Events

We have completed all of our nationwide Seminars and Webinars.

You can watch the webinar recordings below.


Tuesday 23rd July: 12pm



Webinar 1

Friday 14th June: 12pm

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Webinar 2

Tuesday 18th June: 12pm

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Webinar 3

Friday 21st June: 12pm

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Webinar 4

Thursday 4th July: 7pm

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**On maturity of property developments.

*This offer is only open to investors who fall within the exclusions applicable to offers made to “wholesale investors” as set out in Schedule 1, clauses 3 (2)(a)-(c) and 3 (3)(a)-(b)(ii) of the Financial Markets Conducts Act 2013 (FMCA). You can obtain further information on FMCA requirements, and whether you come within the exclusions and their requirements at www.myfarm.co.nz/fmca

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