Sector Highlights

Kakariki aims to invest in a diverse range of permanent crops and other primary sector assets in New Zealand. The initial focus will be on all forms of plant-based fruit and flower production.

The first assets in which Kakariki will invest are:

  • An 11 cha Sungold™ kiwifruit orchard
  • A 50% share in a large scale (130 ha) aroma hop garden
  • 35 cha of Rockit™ apples
  • A 2000 ha Manuka plantation


Thanks to the brilliant job done by Zespri in building a premium global brand, New Zealand kiwifruit now accounts for one third of the world’s kiwifruit trade and is on track to double its sales to $4.5 billion by 2025.


The development and protection of new apple varieties through a licensing system that provides added value to growers is why they have been enjoying double digit returns for the last six years. Kakariki has a Heads of Agreement with Rockit™ Global, a Hawke’s Bay based grower, exporter and marketer of miniature Rockit™ apples.


Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc exports make up 80% of New Zealand’s total wine exports. Wine producers need to secure future grape supply from a limited supply of suitable land. The opportunity for investors is partnering with wine companies to provide capital and enter into long-term leases.


Growth in global craft beer consumption has created extreme demand for the unique flavours of New Zealand grown speciality hop varieties. New Zealand makes up less than 1% of global hop supply, so there is great potential in developing new hop gardens to increase our production.


Avocados are one of New Zealand’s fastest growing primary exports with revenue up 11% p.a. during the last 10 years. Global consumption of this high value, versatile and nutritious fruit keeps growing but production is not keeping up. 


The health and healing properties of New Zealand Manuka honey have given rise to a worldwide proliferation of applications – from food and beverage to cosmetics, nutraceuticals and medical dressings. During the past 10 years, annual honey exports have increased 19% per annum to more than $350 million.


Central Otago cherries are renowned in China and greater Asia for their size, freshness and flavour. In January, around 1.9 million 2kg boxes of cherries are picked and airfreighted fresh to China and other parts of Asia to arrive just in time for Chinese New Year.

**On maturity of property developments.

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